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Come remember what it means to be feminine, beautiful, soft, free, strong....worldchangers. LIGHT. Together. Come remember how to shine. Systems and biases, patriarchy and capitalism, trauma and tragedy have all sought to extinguish our brightness. Come, remember who we are. Together we are strong.  The world needs us. ~ Jennie Turton, Founder of Nuri.sh, a sacred community offering group coaching, training and memberships especially curated for women.


The Nuri.shed Woman

Come on a six month journey of reconnection to all that makes you Woman. Fall into our gentle, nurturing, communal space where you can reawaken to the light within you that may have grown dim due to the dusty pressures of life. Soak up live teachings and learn tangible practices curated to support you in releasing some of what has weighed you down. Be led into softer ways of approaching life that can free you to bring your natural inner beauty to the forefront. This journey is for YOU. You give, serve and love so many others. You work, toil and labor to keep it all going. Let go and slip into our midst. We all understand. We all feel the same ache. It is easier to surrender TOGETHER. We will find our strength in each other and in our remembering. Come be Nuri.shed.

The Nuri.shed Coach

Come prepare yourself for a unique path of devotion and service. Come learn how to usher women into a life of joyful alignment with Creator, the earth and their own souls while finding deep ease and peace in their bodies. Come understand how we can subtly and powerfully dismantle systemic pressures and biases that would seek to snuff out women’s light and fire just by being who we are…the feminine. Come discover how to create a sacred space for the feminine to blossom and unfold right in the midst of this world’s challenges and pressures. Our Nuri, our Light, is desperately needed. Come learn how to carry the torch of love that can invite women to join hands and release their feminine light and strength into the environment to nourish each other and the rest of the world. Come learn how to Nuri.sh.

The Nuri.shed Alumni

Come drink again from the well that has Nuri.shed you. You are actively coaching and serving other women. Come ensure that you, yourself, are nourished and ready to pour out. Our Alumni membership is curated for the already certified Coach who desires to deepen her practice, grow her business and continue to nourish her own soul. Join us for bi-monthly, live, virtual gatherings where you will receive advanced coach training, tips and tools for growing your business and practices to ensure you continue to remember the beautiful Feminine you are!

Meet the Creator of Nuri.sh

I have been passionately seeking to understand how to help women flourish since I watched my own Mother’s light extinguish before my eyes after her marriage to my unstable stepfather.

I witnessed firsthand how trauma, religion and patriarchy snuffed the life out of her vibrant 34-year old body and soul until she was too sick and depressed to share her beautiful Light with me and my siblings. In the incubator of that catalyst, I received the calling of my life. To help Woman remember who she is. That she is able to be free, healed and restored from the impact of all the systemic pressure and biases that would seek to make her less than. That she has every right and privilege to be free and to SHINE and to bring all of that power and beauty to a world that desperately needs her to be exactly who she is….WOMAN. In all her softness, fierceness and beauty there is something only SHE can contribute to the world. And in this exact moment in time, she is desperately needed. Come join us. Nuri.sh yourself. Let the light of your feminine soul shine forth. You’ll be happier and the world will be better. - With love, Jennie

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