What we do

Nuri.sh is a sacred community offering group coaching, coach training and membership programs especially curated for women and their unique soul journeys and transformation needs. We exist to create a movement of women around the world dedicated to unveiling their most vibrant, feminine selves in order to help bring healing and wholeness to humans, systems, and a planet that desperately needs a fresh approach to the way we do life.

Who we are

We are a diverse group of women from all over the world who share two things in common: the desire to become conscious, awakened feminine beings able to usher in the change so needed in the world and who have a passionate commitment to helping other women do the same!

Meet the Creator of Nuri.sh

We are living in a powerful moment in time. The world is changing at an incredibly fast rate. From the Pandemic to George Floyd to AI, we are witnesssing the innauguration of a new era. An era where the status quo is being exchanged for new courage, creativity, kindness and love. I believe that women have a unique and powerful role to play in this next stage of our history. Our feminine strength, nurture, and soft ferocity is needed to help us shift into this new era. Coaches and healers are being unleashed globally to support this evolution. My calling is to help equip WOMAN with what she needs to step up in this season and bring her full, beautiful self to a world that desperately needs what she offers. I passionately do this through the coaching and coach training programs I offer. For 12 years I have honed my craft as a coach and healer. Now, I am honored to bring my own Light, my "Nuri" to you in service of your Light that together we might shine.

With love,

Jennie Turton


Meet the team