• What is a Life Coach? In 2015 I had the same question. My hands were shaking as I threw my imaginary “Hail Mary Pass” by calling a Life Coach: Jennie Turton. My life was in ruins. Anxiety, avoidance, shame and isolation had me bound. Life Coaching gave me a weekly accountability to make my healing a priority. This journey changed the trajectory of my life. Two years later I enrolled myself in Jennie’s Coach Training School, completed my exams and my internship so I could offer coaching to others.
    Amberly Mininger Coaching
  • Jennie, my dear friend, life coach, and spiritual guidance counselor: I just wanted to write and let you know how much my family and I appreciate the loving care that you have shown me over the past year. Trauma that I have experienced in the past has proved to be burdensome, affecting my relationships as well as my health, and proving difficult to heal from. You have made such an impact in my life, and in turn, my family’s life. This past year, I have taken a deep dive into learning so much about myself, the lessons that God has taught me, and how I can continue to grow as a child of the living God. You have shown me how to allow God to comfort me in my pain, to determine the path that He has laid out for me, and to find joy in my life again. You have such a remarkable, God given gift of being able to help others learn to become whole again. My family and I appreciate you immensely! People say one person can’t make a difference in the world... but we know that isn’t true, because we’ve seen the difference you make in the lives of those you have touched around you. With much love and immense gratitude, Cherie
    Former Educator
  • During a time in my life where I had to make some difficult choices professionally, Jennie's warm-hearted and structured guidance was crucial in my decision-making. Through our active meetings where we delved deep into my goals, aspirations, and life choices, she has helped me organize my thoughts and plans, and has been instrumental in my recent professional development. She is a fantastic listener, and her creativity and open-mindedness makes me feel at ease. I know that with whatever topics I bring to our meetings, she will offer unique and logical view points and inquiries that always lead to the right decisions; and most importantly, a sense of calm, control, and enthusiasm for my work. Thank you, Jennie!
    Epicurean Santa Barbara
  • Working with Jennie has been an incredible adventure. She is delightfully honest and works hard to bring clarity in getting to the core of what it is you truly desire, building authentic self empowerment. She also is a powerful energetic healer, meeting you where you are, guiding you to become grounded. Jennie genuinely wants to see you succeed and because of this, our ability to make what we want happen became a reality we were able to live in right away. She saw what we were made of and wouldn't let us settle for any less than our highest abilities to succeed.
    Karezza Coaching
  • In March I lost my husband after a long battle with cancer. When he passed away, I was broken, tired, and stuck. I knew I needed help, but not just from anyone, it had to be with someone that could help me walk through the grief journey in a purposeful and intentional way. I wanted to learn and grow through my pain. Jennie was amazing from day one. She walked me through some very intense and emotional sessions by using tools and techniques that really tapped into some deep wounds. It was life changing. Jennie isn’t afraid to step into those wounds with you and help you in all aspects of the journey. I was amazed by her expertise in all areas. She helped me not only with my grief and loss, but also to step out of my fear, set boundaries, explore who I am, find my confidence, and engage in self-care. Because of her, I have come out of being stuck, and I have been able to have peace with myself and my life. I would 100% recommend Jennie to any woman who is hurting, stuck, lost, or lacks confidence.
    Courage to Grieve
  • I reached out to Jennie after having my second child at 30 years old. I was a teacher turned stay-at-home mom, an expat abroad, and I had just committed to serving overseas for 4 more years. I was slowly unraveling. I remember it being my baby’s first birthday, and after we celebrated, I walked into my room, closed and locked the door, and wept uncontrollably for hours. I knew something had to change, but had no idea where to even begin. I’m so thankful my friend recommended me to Jennie. Jennie graciously adapted to where I was at emotionally, and each week, I felt something in me come back to life. Talking to Jennie was like talking to a best friend. She listens with such care and compassion, and I’ve still never met anyone who asks questions as well as she does (8 years later!). Her insights are inspired. I even went on to become a Coach as a result of working with her. I can’t recommend Jennie enough!
    English Teacher
  • For years, I played with the idea of using a life coach. When I met someone that had worked with Jennie, I thought, 'I want that!' She was so happy, full of life and radiated joy. I felt my life was stalled and needed a jump-start, so I reached out to Jennie. At the time, I didn't realize how much anxiety I carried and how guarded I was. With Jennie, I worked through traumas I had buried, learned how to respond to new challenges and learned how to love myself, so I could be loved. It has been so exciting to have people recognize the joy in my personality. My body doesn't feel anxious and my breath no longer catches when I talk. It's amazing how much more clearly I think. Jennie had the strength, grace, patience and knowledge to bring my best self back to life. Jennie changed my life and has given me the tools to never go back.
    Quality & Food Safety DM, PepsiCo
  • My coaching journey with Jennie was a sustaining, invigorating and transformative experience that helped me be more connected to myself and my inner confidence (that was always there though I didn't realize it). Jennie let me toss out everything that was happening in my life and somehow could connect all the pieces. In fact that was actually where the magic was—when I introduced something that I thought was off-topic, Jennie’s ability to ask deep questions and connect dots was what actually opened the door to the deepest insight and self-discovery. I ultimately came out with not just superficial changes I could take, but really deep and transformative insight about myself. THANK YOU. The insights we got to by the end of our journey are truly life changing. I wish I’d had her support years and years and years ago.
    Former Head of Marketing, Brightline & Waymo
  • When I began my coaching journey with Jennie, I could no longer live without the transformation I longed to experience. Jennie's coaching unlocked more health and clarity than I had hoped for! More importantly, the coaching partnership started me on a lifelong path to holistic wellness. Coaching is the best investment I've ever made! The breakthroughs I experienced continue to bear fruit for me and for my family. When I tell people about the last decade of my life, I share that coaching with Jennie is truly the pivot point that changed everything for me. During the coaching journey and later because of it, I made strides in openly receiving love from myself and others. I took responsibility for my physical health by learning to only put into my body what truly feeds me. I took charge of my home environment by clearing out the mess and only keeping what truly delights me. I found confidence by stepping into choices that help me and my family thrive. We have deeper friendships, more vision, and better health physically, emotionally, and spiritually than I would have thought possible. I am a new me.
    Attain Thriving Coaching
  • One of the greatest reminders that I received during the retreat is that I have a unique story to tell, one that no one else can, which also means that I have a unique perspective as a helper. I think this is true for every person but this retreat created an opportunity for me to share that story and receive valuable and safe feedback. It allowed for an open discussion of processing my story which was super valuable for me and ultimately quite validating and clarified some things for me that I may not have been able to without this opportunity. I think the second most obvious thing that I received from this time with Jennie and my cohort, was a deep connection, intimacy, and the ability to be completely vulnerable. This is very unique and almost unheard of in our current day's everyday life. That really was a beautiful experience and helped build confidence for me to be able to move forward in that way outside of just the coaching cohort but in my relationships with my family my coworkers my peers and so on.
  • Gathering together for the retreat was the culmination of months of sweat, tears, laughter and learning. We had done so much life together and had learned so much about each other. Meeting in person solidified friendships that included early morning Starbucks runs and late night chats. Time with Jennie in an informal setting was invaluable as it gave time to ask questions and admit fears in a space that was calming and peaceful. It gave me time with my cohort to seek direction for my business as I witnessed how others were building theirs. I took the opportunity to be real, say what I felt, and be honest about what didn’t make sense. It allowed me time to wonder what I had gotten myself into yet knowing I wasn’t alone.
  • I began this journey timid, weary, and full of self-doubt and deep pain. With Jennie, my amazing peer friendships, and the power of Spirit, I have begun to embrace this AUTHENTIC LIONESS INSIDE ME! My words cannot express my deep gratitude for your love and guidance! My (dream to launch my coaching business) came to life!
    Lindsey Bundy
    Founder of Living Deeply Rooted
  • This is an opportunity to make deep, authentic relationships with a community that will support, encourage and empower you, as you navigate through personal and business development. Having the right community around you changes everything. Our time together was full of friendship, fun, healing, and clarity. Together we practiced our coaching skills with new advanced tools, dreamed big together about our businesses, and had personal reflection moments that left a lasting mark. I walked away feeling closer to Creator and my peers.
    Jessica de la Rosa
  • I am a young woman who has experienced breakthroughs in health, my identity, and my relationships as I am emerging from this journey more authentically myself. I am well on my way to living out the divine feminine in every area of my life. Through our work together, my true essence was unearthed, and I developed a confidence and joy that will mark me for the rest of my life, anchored by faith, no matter the next challenge that comes my way. I am much more equipped to go into life and the marketplace, unapologetically myself.
    Anthia Liu