Unleash Your Potential: Life Coach Training for Women Ready to Make a Difference

Embark on a fabulous 5-month adventure designed to immerse you in the world of coaching…from a feminine perspective. Gather online with other women of all ages, ethnicities, and faiths to learn the “art of coaching” while also being liberated and enlivened in your own soul.

We will share 32 hours of live, virtual learning before inviting you to deep dive into a month-long, supervised internship with our incredible Nuri.sh Facilitators. Our beautiful journey will culminate with a magnificent in-person retreat in the magical Santa Barbara, CA where we will come together to support you in creating your business’ brand. 

Our final destination? Your first paid coaching client! My heart? To see you emerge from this journey utterly transformed as a woman and ready to bring the same transformation to all those you will serve.

Come, join my Nuri.sh Team and me, along with a vibrant community of sisters, on a journey to becoming!

With excitement,

Jennie Turton

Start Your Transformation Journey Today – Join Our Fall 2023 Cohort!

Limited Opportunity! Just a Few Spots Left for Our Unique Cohort of 15 beautiful souls. Don't Let This Life-Changing Experience Pass You By – Register by September 10, 2023.

As a Nuri.sh Coach Trainee, you are invited on a carefully designed journey

  • Master the foundational coaching model rooted in ICF competencies
  • Facilitate breakthroughs with your clients via 10 somatic and coaching based tools
  • Create the brand messaging for your coaching business
  • Clarify your soulmate client and the problem you want to help her solve
  • Begin to embody a conscious, feminine approach to life and healing via the Nuri.shed Woman Tenants™
  • Connect deeply to a community of women who are pursuing feminine conscious living and coaching

What makes us special

  • For women by women - all female facilitators
  • Intimate Class Setting: Cohorts are limited to 15 women
  • Dynamic lead Trainer with 10+ years of coaching and training experience
  • Hand-picked Certified Coaches who serve as Facilitators

What we invite you into

  • A journey of transformation and skill mastery
  • A high level of excellence - Graduation is offered to all women who complete the program. Certification is offered to all women who master the core Nuri.sh Coaching competencies
  • Devotion via a 5-hour commitment per week for 5 months
  • Full-hearted participation with your peers

Coach Training



A strategically designed 5-month-long educational experience

Live Gatherings



LIVE training, including virtual gatherings, semi-private supervised internships, and business training

Peer Integration



Guided independent and peer work designed to help you integrate everything you learn

In-person Retreat



Business training & fun at an in-person retreat in Santa Barbara, CA

Coach Training Timeline

  • September 19, 2023-December 19, 2023Training Weeks 1-14

    Each week includes:

    • 2 hours of online training
    • 1 to 1.5 hours of peer work
    • 30 min of take-home work
  • January 2-26, 2024Supervised Internship

    Each week includes:

    • 1 hour or client coaching
    • 30 min prep and follow-up
    • 2 hours with Supervising Coach
  • February 2-4, 2024In-person Retreat in Santa Barbara, CA

    During our weekend together:

    • Identify your niche
    • Create your brand message
    • Establish your business logistics
    • Set your first year financial goals
  • February 13 & 20, 2024Brand, Marketing & Celebration!

    Apply all you learned to book your first paid client!

Curriculum Outline & Schedule

Training Weeks & Supervised Internship

Santa Barbara Retreat

3-day Retreat

Friday, February 2 @ 4pm PST > Sunday, February 4 @ 1pm PST

 **Airfare, hotel and meals (with the exception of the lunch we will share) not included

Once you complete the coach training and internship portion of your Nuri.sh journey, we invite you to a magical 3-day retreat in beautiful Santa Barbara.

All of our Nuri.sh Coaches-in-Training will gather for an immersive weekend training where you will learn the practical things you need to do to set up your coaching practice, create a business financial plan and create a brand message for your coaching business. 

We will sprinkle our lively weekend of learning with a luxurious wine and charcuterie welcome gathering, a sunrise beach walk and a breath-taking sunset cruise along the Santa Barbara coast. Our desire is that you leave feeling equipped with the basics you need to secure your first paid coaching client, pampered to the max and full of memories to last a lifetime!

Retreat Agenda


 *Your Nuri.sh Coach Training Program tuition grants you full access to the Nuri.sh Business Launch Retreat including the welcome gathering and sunset cruise!

Tuition: $7995*

Our Spring cohort starts in just 00days00hours00minutes00seconds!

 Applications are now being accepted for the Nuri.sh Coach Training Cohort of January 2025. Class is limited to 15 women. Apply Now!

Note: Payment plan option available. Ask our staff during your interview.

Why Join?

  • You feel a strong call to help other women become healed and whole.
  • You want to be part of a vibrant community of other women who are ready to bring their greatest gift to the world!
  • You are hungry for outstanding training that equips you to be a great coach while helping you to personally transform
  • You are passionate about mind, body, spirit healing and geek out over things like neuroscience and somatic healing.
  • You are ready to roll up your sleeves, work hard and integrate the skills needed to make you a powerful women's coach.
  • You need personalized attention and a dynamic internship in order to really master learning material.
  • You want to be encouraged to embrace both your beautiful femininity and your courageous power!
  • You want to be invited to connect with the Creator for yourself and your clients.

If this sound like everything you’ve dreamed of BUT …

  • You fear your life is not in order enough to be a Coach
  • You don’t have 5 hours a week to give to this process
  • You are hesitant to join a community of women because you’ve been burned in the past
  • You haven’t been in a learning environment in a long time or have had bad experiences with education
  • You’re not sure you have what it takes to support other women in transformation
  • You come from a specific religious background and are not sure this is the right fit for you

Let me tell you this, Love….

  • This program creates space for you to work on personal goals and dreams with the support of a Peer Coach. This may be just the way for you to begin to get your life in order!
  • Our classes are held from 4-6pm PST on Tuesday nights and our Retreat is February 2-4. Other than these two fixed events, you will have total flexibility to complete your independent homework and peer work each week based on your personal schedule and demands.
  • This is a carefully facilitated environment of love. Gossip, cliques and backbiting is not welcome or tolerated. Our Founder and Lead Trainer Jennie is fearless about interrupting any behaviors that are not welcoming and kind. Please connect with Jennie immediately if you are feeling anything other than kindness or love from our community.
  • This is not a traditional academic environment. We learn by seeing, doing, reflecting, asking questions and then trying again. There are no books or exams or research papers. You will be mentored into the art of coaching via experience and relational connections. Prepare for a whole new way of learning!
  • You do not need to know how to facilitate transformation when you come into our program. That is what our curriculum, Lead Trainer and Facilitators are here for! They will baby step you into the “art of coaching” one skill set at a time!
  • We are purposely creating an environment where women of all faiths (or no faith) can come together and pursue wholeness. We will not delve into any one religious approach to life, but will, instead unify around connection to our Creator and will “go vertical” when we need aid outside of what our humanity can offer.

Start Your Transformation Journey Today – Join Our Fall 2023 Cohort!

Limited Opportunity! Just a Few Spots Left for Our Unique Cohort of 15 beautiful souls. Don't Let This Life-Changing Experience Pass You By – Register by September 10, 2023.

Before working with Jennie Turton, I had the passion to become a life coach but lacked the structure and confidence to turn my dream into reality. Jennie's mentorship changed everything. Throughout our sessions, Jennie wasn't just an instructor; she was a guide and unwavering champion for my growth. Here's what sets her apart: *Deep Expertise: Jennie's vast knowledge of coaching techniques, psychology, and personal development principles is awe-inspiring. She effortlessly adapted to my learning style, tailoring each session to maximize my progress. *Empowerment, Not Hand-Holding: Jennie truly believes in her students. She challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, while providing the tools and support for me to find my own answers and build an unshakable belief in myself. *Beyond the Textbook: Jennie generously shared her real-world experiences in building a successful coaching practice. Her openness about the challenges and rewards of this career path was invaluable. The impact of Jennie's mentorship extends far beyond my life coaching certification. She helped me uncover hidden strengths, overcome self-doubt, and develop a clear vision for my future. I'm not only a more capable coach, I'm a more confident and purpose-driven person thanks to her influence. I cannot recommend Jennie Turton highly enough. She's an exceptional coach, a brilliant teacher, and a truly inspiring woman.

CARES Coaching Program

How has Jennie's coach training program most impacted my life through the 17 week journey? First and foremost, this coaching program has taught me to believe in myself. Not only have I grown to believe in myself, I have also learned to better love myself, and have personally grown to be a stronger, more authentic listener and believer in others as well. Jennie Turton and Julie Eickman (her assistant trainer) taught me the value of failing forward, focusing on being better versus bitter, and discovering new awareness and perspectives in life-situations I have been struggling with for years. I learned to grow through challenges and not judge myself through them. Coaching and being coached has helped me to take steps in my life that have helped me grow into a better version of myself. I feel I have become a better mom, wife, teacher, daughter, sister and friend. I have applied the core values learned in this course to my every day life, and I feel I’ve learned to “be in the moment” and be more focused and intentional in my life and relationships. I will forever feel ever so blessed and grateful for this experience.

The FoundHers Suite

Jennie Turton, the visionary founder of Nuri.sh, embodies the essence of empowerment and transformation for women worldwide. With a profound commitment to nurturing the feminine soul, she leads with grace and purpose, offering a sacred space for healing and growth. Having graduated from her coaching certification program as well as receiving her one-on-one coaching sessions, I am a witness to her graceful yet determined “push” for me to be greater - to walk into the fullness of my purpose with maximum impact. Through her life coach training programs and transformative healing sessions, Jennie empowers women to unlock their full potential, guiding them to shine brightly even in life's darkest moments. I consider it an honor to recommend Jennie Turton Miculit to serve as your guide on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

I have worked with Jennie on several occasions. She provides a safe space for sharing and excellent guidance during the coaching journey. I appreciate her listening skills and feel comfortable working with her. I chose to coach and then train with Jennie after researching her credentials and her experience working with people around the globe. Jennie's coaching helped me to reach a specific weight loss goal and also helped me to understand the "why" behind my propensity to gain weight. Training with Jennie has allowed me to gain my certification as a coach. With that certification, I have had the privilege to share my expertise with individuals working to reach financial goals, improve marriage relationships, and attain personal achievement goals. I use the coaching skills I learned in everyday conversations with peers. The skills have helped me to communicate more effectively. I highly recommend Jennie if you are looking for an individual with a heart to serve. She is proficient using various modalities such as Breathwork, Active Imagination, Somatic Work, Play, Movement and Accountability. She has the gift of knowing just the right questions to ask to help you find your answer. Her belief is that we all have our own answers. She helps to peel back the layers of life that are keeping us from discovering what we need to know to achieve our goals. She is open, honest and kind and a great human.

Events and Experiences

Jennie is an incredible coach and more importantly, human. Her ability to pull back layers and show you how to solve your challenges is a true gift. Her many certifications and trained talents are an added value to her skill set of coaching and leading. Highly recommend her. She has a deep knowledge and passion for this industry.

Embraced Coaching

I had the privilege of training under Jennie in her Nuri.sh Coaching Program. She equipped me with tools and strategies to help my clients experience breakthroughs and live with joy. Jennie has incredible knowledge both from training and personal experience that make her a uniquely gifted coach. She has the ability to see beyond that which is hindering you and see how to empower her clients to live in freedom. I highly recommend Jennie!

I have had the privilege of being coached by Jennie and trained by her, and in each capacity, Jennie brings an exceptional level of excellence. Her successful career with her coaching certification programs reflect her dedication and expertise in the field. I have benefited from each. What stands our about Jennie is her authenticity and vulnerability in her coaching and teaching style's. She has the unique ability to listen deeply and understand on multiple levels. I highly recommend her as a personal coach for anyone looking to embark on a journey of growth and self discovery. And as a trainer she is uniquely gifted in her knowledge and understanding, especially in working with diverse cultures. Jennie is a strong advocate for personal and professional development, and working with her will undoubtedly be a transformative experience.

Jennie is an AMAZING coach. Her professionalism and personal care for her clients create an INCREDIBLE and LIFECHANGING 12-month journey with her. You are more than just another client to her. With over 12 years of experience in coaching, she is an expert at facilitating growth, accelerating change, and propelling you to new heights. Jennie’s coach training program is INCREDIBLE. Her passion, professionalism, and proficiency in coaching create an UNBELIEVABLE 3-month journey with her. She challenges and engages her students, and you will learn much more than you can imagine. With over 12 years of experience in coaching and teaching, she is a gifted authority at passing on the art of coaching.


Training with Jenny has been life-changing for me and helped me to become a better family member, friend, coach, person...and now Clinical Social Worker. I use the skills that I learned while training with Jennie every day I my personal life and job.Her patience, empathetic feedback, and authentic style brought out the a more authentic and courageous version of me. I highly recommend Jennie as a coach and teacher!


Gathering together for the retreat was the culmination of months of sweat, tears, laughter and learning. We had done so much life together and had learned so much about each other. Meeting in person solidified friendships that included early morning Starbucks runs and late night chats. Time with Jennie in an informal setting was invaluable as it gave time to ask questions and admit fears in a space that was calming and peaceful. It gave me time with my cohort to seek direction for my business as I witnessed how others were building theirs. I took the opportunity to be real, say what I felt, and be honest about what didn’t make sense. It allowed me time to wonder what I had gotten myself into yet knowing I wasn’t alone.

Lindsey Bundy

Founder of Living Deeply Rooted

Jennie has been one of the most pivotal women in my life! She walked with me through an incredible transformational season, where I truly began to see the essence of my identity and take up the courage and ownership for my own life. My marriage, family and career are flourishing because of Jennie's incredible gift and ear to hear the things I could not. Jennie, is a truly an unparalleled professional Coach. Be prepared to be completely transformed!

Jessica de la Rosa

Jennie's Coach Training Program is an opportunity to make deep, authentic relationships with a community that will support, encourage and empower you, as you navigate through personal and business development. Having the right community around you changes everything. Our time together was full of friendship, fun, healing, and clarity. Together we practiced our coaching skills with new advanced tools, dreamed big together about our businesses, and had personal reflective moments that left a lasting mark.

Start Your Transformation Journey Today – Join Our Fall 2023 Cohort!

Limited Opportunity! Just a Few Spots Left for Our Unique Cohort of 15 beautiful souls. Don't Let This Life-Changing Experience Pass You By – Register by September 10, 2023.

A note from Nuri.sh' Founder

After training and certifying coaches for the past decade, I desired to create a program, especially for women...a curated environment where we could provide women with the unique training they need to support other women in becoming the vibrant, feminine, powerful, world-altering individuals they are meant to be.

Nuri.sh is that oasis. At this poignant moment in history, we need women to be fully alive, brilliantly flourishing, and profoundly awakened so they can pour the beautiful fragrance of their beings into a world that is in need of change. If this speaks to you, come join us. We are ready to Nuri.sh a world in need.

Jennie Turton

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Questions and Answers

1Do I need any prior experience coaching?
No. You are welcome to join if you have zero coaching experience or if you are a seasoned coach wanting to deepen your coaching practice.
2Is this a virtual training?
Yes. The Nuri.sh Coach Training program is fully online with the exception of our incredible, in-personal retreat that takes place in gorgeous Santa Barbara, California!
3What happens if I miss a session?
Our live, virtual classes will be recorded for you to view later! You are able to skip two classes and still graduate!
4What happens if I do not want to attend the retreat?
Oops. Looks like we are still updating this one.
5What is the time commitment?
The entire program takes five months. Additionally, you are asked to invest approximately 5 hours per week including homework and class time.
6What is the difference between a graduate and a certified coach?
All women who complete the Nuri.sh Coach Training Program (we offer 2 class skips) will receive the title of “Graduates of Nuri.sh Coach Training.” All women who master the core competencies of the Nuri.sh Coach Training Program will be certified as “Nuri.sh Coaches.”
7Will I get personalized support?
Yes! You will receive one full month of supervised internship sessions (8 hours total) in a semi-private environment (you and one peer from your cohort).